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PSVR Multiplayer Mech Shooter Code 51 Update 1.01 Solves Comfort Settings

The multiplayer mech shooter Code 51: Mecha Arena launched on the PSVR just last week, and this Pure PlayStation writer thought it was a lot of fun. Check out our review here. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but the development team at SmellyRiver and DeerVR have released a patch to rectify several of the larger complaints. Most notably, the nonexistent settings section and the inability to turn off the comfort settings. The game also uses “head rotation” as the default for turning and aiming instead of using the right analog stick. Of course, both of these design choices were in place to help curb motion sickness. For those of us with seasoned “VR legs”, the option to toggle these settings off is a welcomed one. Here is what it says when you click the settings tab after the latest patch:

Code 51: Mecha Arena Update Version 1.01 Patch Notes

  • You can hold the left thumb stick button to disable the dynamic vision mask AKA blinders now. However, if you feel uncomfortable when playing without it, we strongly recommend you to take a rest and bring the mask back by holding the left stick button again.
  • You can hold the right stick button to toggle between head rotation mode and right stick rotation mode now. Right stick rotation mode may lead to severe motion sickness. Thus the default rotation mode, head rotation, is recommended. You will still need to aim with your head under this mode.

In other words, hold down the L3 button to toggle off the pesky blinders, and hold down the R3 button to enable turning with the right stick. We played about an hour after downloading the small patch, and can say the new additions are a big improvement. Sometimes it’s too easy to revert to old multiplayer habits and hold down the L3 button to run, which of course toggles the blinders back on, but aside from that small quibble, the game just got better. In addition, the development team mentioned on Reddit that a permanent option to remove blinders and utilize the right stick to turn will be patched into the settings section soon. If you’re looking for some PSVR multiplayer action, Code 51: Mecha Arena is on sale now.


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