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PSVR Shooter Apex Construct Physical Edition Out Now in North America

Apex Construct, the post-apocalyptic shooter from Fast Travel Games, can now be found on the shelves of North American retailers.

Apex Construct originally released as a digital-only game via the PlayStation Store where it was well-received by most players and critics, though our Kyle didn’t really find much to like about it. But that’s just Kyle, and he’s very hard to please. Unless there’s a ginger girl running around with a bow and arrow, Kyle isn’t happy.

You can pick up your copy of Apex Construct in most major North American retailers for $29.99, or you can order it from the comfort of your home via Amazon.


Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.

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