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PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Delayed Until 2018

Well. What can we say? There’s no way to butter this one up: Sony has announced that Bravo Team has been delayed until next year, along with Until Dawn prequel The Inpatient.

In a bit of a sly move, Sony only made the announcement on its Twitter channels. There’s no PS Blog update, just a tweet telling us the new release dates for the PSVR duo and that the reason is to give the developers more time to create a polished experience. Fair enough, but to not put out a proper update is a bit poor form from Sony.

Bravo Team will now release on March 6th in North America and March 7th in the UK and Europe. The Inpatient will arrive a little earlier than that with a January 23rd release in North America and January 24th release in the UK and Europe.

It’s a shame they’re delayed, but what can we do? Nowt, that’s what. We’ll just have to learn a little patience.

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