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PSVR Superhero Game Megaton Rainfall is Littered With Nazi Swastikas [Updated]

Update: We’ve since received a reply from the developer. Here’s what Alfonso del Cerro had to say:

The cities are procedurally (randomly) generated. There is no intention to display swastikas in the game. Although I know what you mean (skyscraper areas make the shapes of X, + etc., and months ago, during development, I also believed I saw the swastika), no tester has ever complained about that. And in any case it’s purely unintentional.

If more people starts complaining about this, I may make a patch changing the distribution of buildings.

Original story:

German gamers may be in possession of contraband with today’s release of the new PSVR superhero game Megaton Rainfall. Why? Nazi stuff!

In Germany, swastikas and Nazi-related material is not allowed in video games. They’re allowed in movies and TV because they are considered “art mediums” whereas video games are not. Stupid, obviously, but it’s not the main thing we’re looking at today.

Megaton Rainfall is a fine game. It released today on the PlayStation Store as a digital download for just £12.99. Bargain price, actually, but we’ll go more into our thoughts on the game in our upcoming review. Today, it’s all about the swastikas. This writer was flying around being a super dude and all that, when the mark of evil – or a suspiciously similar shape – presented itself not once, not twice, but several times in several different areas of the game. We’ve got a couple of examples down below.

Obviously we hope this is an unfortunate mistake in the game’s design. We’ve shot an email off to the developer and we’ll update if and when we get a reply.


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