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PSX 2017: Blood & Truth is the Full London Heist We’ve Been Waiting for on PSVR

London Studio, the same people who brought the so-so PlayStation VR Worlds to PSVR, is crafting a AAA first-person PSVR shooter called Blood & Truth that is essentially expanding on The London Heist from the aforementioned PSVR launch title.

The game is set to see players run around shooting bad guys, interrogating bad guys, and doing whatever else can be done to bad guys. The studio has seemingly taken everything it has learned from The London Heist and upped the ante to new levels, especially when it comes to visual fidelity. Granted, the video up above shows the game running on PS4 Pro, but it’s still mighty impressive.

There’s no release date as of yet, though we reckon we’ll see Blood & Truth early next year. Probably…


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