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PSX 2017: God of War PS4 Will Give You 25-30 Hours of Gameplay, Apparently

Sony Santa Monica is promising big things with God of War on PS4. It’s promising a more personal story with a more relatable (as far as demi-gods go…) Kratos, as well as retaining the heart-pumping action that made the series so well-known. We’re still being starved of actual meaty gameplay, but the game’s director has shared some information at this year’s PlayStation Experience.

Cory Balrog, the director of the upcoming God of War PS4, stated that the studio has been playtesting the game a lot recently and in doing so has found that the running time can vary between 25-30 hours. No, God of War PS4 is not an open world game – it’s still a linear story – but players will be able to have a little wander in the areas that game presents.

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It’s a lofty promise to keep players meaningfully engaged for 25-30 hours, so we’ll see how it plays out. Personally, this author thinks it’s a bunch of PR fluff. We’ll be looking at 12 hours, with 25-30 being for 100% completionists. You heard it here first.

There’s still no release date for God of War PS4 just yet, though we recently had the rumour mill in full spin with a March release date, not to mention that Sony has said its big games will release in the first half of 2018.


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