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PSX 2017: Sir Daniel Returns in MediEvil PS4 Remaster

Fan service, anyone? Sony has announced today that MediEvil will be getting the remaster treatment after years of fans patiently waiting for Sir Daniel’s resurrection. Cripes, we remember when there was a very convincing fake doing the rounds a couple of years back, and now we’re here with the real thing.

At the moment all we’ve got is a teaser trailer and a PS Blog post telling us that it’s coming next year, but it’s a heck of a lot more than we had yesterday. Expect the MediEvil PS4 remaster to hit sometime next year. We’ll keep an ear and an eye out for more information which is sure to follow in the coming months.

For those who are unaware, MediEvil is a classic action platformer that released on the PS1 almost 20 years ago. It was never on the same level as Crash or Spyro, but it has earned itself a cult following that will no doubt be pleased by this announcement.


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