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PSX 2017: WipEout Omega Collection Getting Free PSVR Update Next Year

In an announcement that we never saw coming, Sony has officially revealed that WipEout Omega Collection on PS4 will be getting an update that will implement PSVR support early next year.

Sony announced that the update would be completely free and that it would basically transform the game into a VR title. Every mode, circuit and vehicle will be playable in VR. That means all of your offline content as well as your online races. Awesome, no?

In addition, you’ll also get three brand new ships that have been created specifically for PSVR use, so you’re getting a pretty good deal for paying zero anything for the update.

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The PSVR update for WipEout Omega Collection is due to release in early 2018, though no specific date has yet been mentioned. We’ll keep an ear out, though, and let you know as and when more is announced. For the time being, have a gander at the game running on PSVR in the trailer up above.

Is this how WipEout was meant to be played, or will you be steering clear for the sake of your stomach? Vroom down to the comments section below and let us know. 


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