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Punch Virtual Faces For Free Thanks To UFC 2 Trial

Need to blow off some steam but don’t have the money? Want to avenge Ronda Rousey’s defeat but paying for a full sixty dollar game is a bit much? EA Sports has you covered! Starting tomorrow, July 6th, you’ll be able punch and kick to your hearts content until July 11th. A free, game trial will be released on the PlayStation Store and will feature five hours of content from the full game. You’ll be able to access Knockout Mode, UFC Ultimate Team, and Live Events from within the trial.

EA was even nice enough to leave a simple, bullet point list on how to download the trial when it becomes available tomorrow.

  • From PlayStation Dynamic menu (dashboard)
  • Select PlayStation Store
  • Search for “EA SPORTS UFC 2”
  • Select “EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2” from the results
  • Scroll down to the Demo category
  • Select the Trial
  • Select “Get Free Demo”

If you can’t wait until then or find yourself enjoying the trial be sure to pick up a copy of the game here. It’s also currently on sale as well if you’re a bargain hunter.

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EA Sports

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