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Pure Farming 2018 Gets New Trailer Ahead of March Release

Pure Farming 2018 hopes to make farmers of us all. And to help in that recruitment drive, the game simulator has been given a new tantalising trailer sure to get us in the mood. Who doesn’t want a tractor? Oh, Santa baby…

Pure Farming 2018 won’t care if you have failed to keep a weed alive, or don’t know your ‘tatoes from your tatas. It just wants you to throw on your dungarees, pull on some wellies and get ploughing. And making a better future for yourself.

Your agricultural existence will begin with a single piece of land in Montana. Through hard graft, hard graft, hard graft and a bit of luck, you will eventually earn enough to move your operation to Japan, Germany and Colombia. But to get there you will need to put your business head on. What crops do you grow? What animals do you raise? Is solar power worth the investment? Will anybody ever write a nursery rhyme about you…

But answers will only get you so far. And as is obvious from the title, Pure Farming 2018 will be entrusting you with the keys for a range of machinery, all licenced and specialised. Whether you’re cultivating, fertilising, sowing or harvesting, there is a gizmo for every verb.

To maintain a realistic under and overtone, each location will boast its own selection of exclusive crops. For example, coffee in Colombia. And thus, certain models of machinery will also be niche to suit their crop (there’s not much call for a Skybury Coffee Harvester on the Welsh Hills). Every piece of the game, from the mechanics to the detail, has been created to be as in-keeping and realistic as is physically possible.

The studio has also thought carefully about how their players may want to approach the game. For those who are new to the genre, the My First Farm mode will play out like a campaign. Farming Challenges will offer a series of scenarios that will only demand an hour or so of time. And Free Farming will offer complete freedom in what is the game’s sandbox mode. Though it’s a management game, you won’t get anything done unless you sit your ass in a seat and get farming.

Pure Farming 2018 will launch on March 13th, 2018. If you choose to pre-ordering, you will bag yourself the Germany DLC for free.

Will you be getting your crop on? Or are you loyal to Farming Simulator? Let us know below. 

Pure Farming 2018


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