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Pure Farming 2018 Lets You Farm Around the World

We have a new trailer for Pure Farming 2018, and this one takes you to exotic farming locales such as Montana, Columbia, Italy, Japan, and, if you pre-order, Germany. We like the idea of growing different crops with different surroundings, instead of generic farm #323 that magically seems to grow everything.

Fun fact for those of you who like the dangerous art of mixing facts with fun: this game is being co-developed and published by Techland. This is the same company that published Torment: Tides of Numenera and developed Dying Light and Dead Island, so it is interesting to see them add a very different property to their portfolio of games.

Even stranger than that is the musical drop out at 1:10 in the trailer just when we arrive at Japan. You can debate whether this was intentional or a job ending oopsie in the comments.

We also have to remind you that although some of us here like farming games, we are not associated with Pure Farming 2018. It is just a fun coincidence, and we have to admire their excellent choice of adjectives.

We are looking forward to putting down some roots when the game plows into store shelves on March 13th, 2018.


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