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Pure Farming 2018 Is Licensing Actual Brands for Its Game

This would be common for racing sims, but we have never seen a farming sim be this dedicated to realism. Pure Farming 2018 (no affiliation; just a luck naming coincidence) is licensing the brands of real farm machinery companies to include in its games. Both Landini and McCormick, brands owned by Argo Tractors, will be in the game, and the trailers show specific models you will be able to operate.

These join the previously announced tractors licensed from Lindner, JCB (435S is a pre-order bonus), and Gomselmash in the Digital Deluxe Edition, and it is the only way to receive all the extra tractors. Among others, Mitsubishi and Zetor will also be represented within the game, and the physics and weight for all machines will be part of the simulation.

The high levels of detail are not just for show. They will be used for particular jobs such as growing crops as well as orchards, raising animals, and maintaining green houses in three different modes for the pro or amateur agriculturist.

We still have a while before the March 13th release date for Pure Farming 2018, but this game is shaping up to be one of the more interesting farm sims we have seen. If they are truly going for realism, this may be the game that so many people who enjoy this genre (this site’s editor included) have been waiting to play.

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