Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 34 – Christmas Edition

Christmas is almost here. Presents are being wrapped, families are gathering, peace and goodwill are being distributed, and all are waiting for a costumed, morbidly obese man to forcibly enter your home in the middle of the night and leave gifts. It is a magical time of year.

What did you ask Santa to put under the tree?

Chris Harding

Games! I’ll be spending most of my Christmas weekend with my family, but once the Mrs and the kid have passed out from food, I’ll be playing whatever Santa has left for me under the tree.

Kyle Durant

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to catch my 100th pidgey in Pokémon Go while at relatives this holiday.

Jason Frye

I will be enjoying the chance to slow down and hang out with the family. I recently bought Rayman Legends in the Holiday Sale, and my son loves it when I jump on the plants that make fart noises. Even without farting plants, that is an amazing game. I also hope to squeeze in some more time with Final Fantasy XV.

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