Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 45

We have managed to scrape and crawl to the end of another lovely week, and we have two rewards. First, hooray for the weekend. Second, we gained a new addition to the team. Be sure to give a very warm welcome to Jeremy Peterson and, of course, be excellent to each other.

Here is what will be rocking our weekend:

Hannah Ellis

I will be taking my first steps in the shoes of Geralt as I experience The Witcher 3 for the first time. It doesn’t need much of an introduction, it’s universally known to be pretty good so I have high hopes for this one. Monsters, potions, big open world- what’s not to love?

Kyle Durant

Disc Jam is my go to option nowadays. Plus, the tournaments the dev team is running near daily also feed my competitive addiction. Besides that I got to finish up Ghost Recon Wildlands, but I have to tell you it’s hard to get motivation to complete it.

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be finishing Atelier Firis: and the unimaginably long title for review, checking out No Man’s Sky’s Pathfinder update, and spending a bit of time with a gem that I’m embarrased only recently came to my attention, excellent 2D Souls-like, Salt and Sanctuary.

Merle Alix

I’ll be rollercostering my way through Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.  The only thing keeping me company will be my girlish screams and perhaps my wife’s laughter.  Wish me luck; for I shall never be the same.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and if I can get my wife to join me, we’ll continue our way through RE 7 in VR. It’s too intense to play by myself.

Jason Frye

I will be finishing a game for review in which the school is prison, and people are dying all the time. It is (literally) a bloody good time with plenty of humor.

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