Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 48

Holy moly. 48th edition of Pure PlayStation already? Cripes, we’re doing well with this, aren’t we? Yes, that time of the week is finally here: the weekend. For most that means flicking the middle finger up at work or school and dossing around the house to play video games for two days straight. Some have it lucky…

As always, we’re going to tell you what our weekend gaming plans are and then we invite you to share yours down in the comments section below. Be sociable, you miserable buggers; we know you read these things every week, so think of it as an AA meeting: we all share together. There’s some pretty dark stuff ahead, so maybe try to keep it light, yeah?

Chris Harding

My weekend is looking dire. With the Mrs out of the country I am now without a human alarm clock and worse still, I have to take the bus to work. Even worse still, my store is open on Sunday (it’s usually not) so my gaming time is going to be super limited. That being said, I’ll be levelling up and looking fab whilst doing so in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on my phone.

Jason Frye

I am just biding my time until Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday. I will be playing some Titanfall 2 during the free weekend event, and, with the very strong beginning, I want to finish the Mafia III demo that dropped earlier this week.

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be spending this weekend going back to a favorite of mine from 2016, Dark Souls III, as I explore The Ringed City DLC which released this week. I’ll be bringing my take on that soon (ish, depending on whether I can still form coherent sentences after it’s beaten me unmerciful’). Then if I’ve got time I think I’ll check out the Gwent technical beta. You should too; it’s free.

Merle Alix

I have fallen into the world of Hyrule and don’t know when I will be able to climb back out.  I just want to get to the next hill and see what’s there, but then there is another hill after that and another after that…if I don’t find the end of the map soon, I may never leave.

Jeremy Peterson

I can’t stop playing Salt and Sanctuary. Seriously, I’m going to buy a PS Vita this weekend so I don’t have to stop playing when I leave the house.

Hannah Ellis

I am going to be a bit pushed for time this weekend * sad face * but I’m aiming to platinum Ratchet & Clank after making a start last weekend. This game is a beauty!

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