Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 54

Here’s to another week in the can, sexy PlayStation gamers. The weekend is finally here, and I for one, wasn’t sure I was going to make it. For the better part of three weeks I’ve felt like Patient Zero, (I know you don’t care, but I still love you). I’m happy to say I no longer feel more crudded up then that monkey in outbreak, so to celebrate me still being alive, I’m going to kick back, drink a few adult beverages and play some freaking video games. In preparation for Farpoint and the Aim Controller, I’m gonna break out RE7 and work on my VR legs.

Josh Robertson

When I’m not reviewing Super Rude Bear Resurrection, I’ll be able playing through Nier: Automata for the second time, with the occasional bout of Titanfall 2 in between.

Stuart Mclean

My weekend is torn between Portal Knights for review and Persona 5, having finally made the plunge to see what all the fuss is about – it is the best kind of mad but I find I am now living my real life to imaginary deadlines.

Merle Alix

This weekend is going to be a throwback with some old fashioned couch co op.  No need for headsets or an internet connection when I can yell and gloat–perhaps even dance–in front of the person next to me.  The games themselves also seem to be throwbacks themselves.  Lethal League reminds me of Mortal Kombat and NBA Playgrounds reminds me of NBA Jam; both of which are favorites of mine from the 90’s.  Hopefully I’ll be “heating up” this weekend and not getting my spine ripped out of my neck.

Jason Frye

I will be seeing the family this weekend for Mother’s Day, so I am not sure how much gaming I will actually do. If we do, it will probably be something with “Kart” in the title, or I will keep ascending to the peak of Mount Persona 5.

Dom O’leary

This weekend I’ll be exploring the delusionscapes of Akiba’s Beat to bring y’all a review in the near future. I haven’t seen much of the ‘satirical rpg’ just yet but I can already relate to the main character, who does nothing but play games and read manga 24/7 (or living the dream, as it’s otherwise known). I doubt I’ll be doing much else to be honest, apart from, y’know, boring real life stuff like interacting with other humans.

Hannah Ellis

I will be mirroring the Formula 1 calendar and enjoying my own Spanish Grand Prix from the comfort of my sofa. Move over Hamilton, that podium’s mine!

Chris Harding

My weekend is going to be spent pissing off my neighbors with Rock Band 4. I just love banging on those drums, even if I’m not very good at it…

That’s the crap we’ll be doing this weekend, how about y’all? Let us know what you’ll be playing in the comments below.




When Jeremy isn’t writing books or playing video games, he’s living his life one random movie references at a time.

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