Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 61

With summer here, we are experiencing a slight dip into the summer doldrums of gaming. This is the time when publishers, advertisers, and general busybodies think you should be outside enjoying the sunshine, instead of spending time indoors playing games.

We say no. Do not go gentle into that bright light. This is the calm before the storm. This is the time to finish that backlog while you still have a snowball’s chance of actually making a dent in the growing Mount Everest stack of games you have been collecting.

While everyone else is working on their tan, you work on that last trophy, and you feel that sense of accomplishment. The cool breeze of the AC was meant to be relished. Will you spit in Willis Carrier’s face?

Not us. We stand together, united in our opposition. Follow our example of gaming, and let us know in the comments how you will be pushing back on the summer status quo.

Chris Harding

This weekend is pretty depressing on the gaming front. I’m away on business so I’ve not go my beloved PS4 or PSVR to hand. Nor do I own a Vita anymore, so I’ll be spending my weekend working, and then watching The Killers’ latest music video on repeat whilst wishing I was half as cool as Brandon Flowers.

Hannah Ellis

My weekend will be spent exercising our favourite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, in his newly released remaster. Poor fella has been drowned, burned, splattered and thrown to within an inch of his life (and beyond). At present I have had to surgically remove the controller from the palms of my hands after getting my derriere whooped over and over on Native Fortress’ spinning logs and jumping boxes; apparently I need to eat? I know, so unfair! That level will definitely be in my nightmares tonight, and at the moment it’s hard to see past it. But on I forge. Wish me luck!
P.S. it’s worth buying just to see Papu-Papu show us he’s got all the right junk in all the right places. Spoiler: It’s cracking!

Jason Frye

I will be trying not to crash into planets and space stations in Elite Dangerous. I have never seen this many controls mapped to a DS4, so the learning curve has been interesting. The game is huge, and there is always one more thing to see. I am really looking forward to making some more discoveries this weekend and maybe trying some light piracy.

Kyle Durant

Crash remaster is a given since I love PlayStation, but there are a lot of distractions too. Skyforge, Gwent, Arizona Sunshine, and Rocket League. There just isn’t enough time.

Jeremy Peterson

It’s all about Arizona Sunshine for me. I’ll be “headshotting” all the Fred’s I can find with the Aim Controller. In fact, I may spend all weekend in VR. Good times.



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