Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 7

Here we are seven weeks into Pure PlayStation Plays and we haven’t missed a week yet. The team currently has those pre-E3 jitters and is shaking with anticipation so it might be difficult for us to hold our DualShocks steady this weekend. Remember to keep Pure PlayStation bookmarked for all that sweet Sony E3 coverage that’s coming next week, starting on the 13th of June. Without further ado here is Pure PlayStation Plays, let us know what you’ll be playing down in the comments.

Chris Harding

My weekend gaming plans involve me killing dead people in Dead Island Remastered, killing people in GTA V, and killing people in Fallout 4. I’ve had a tough week so this will be a welcome outlet for the pent up stress.

Conor Hutton

This weekend, as I sit in the Pure PlayStation HQ waiting for E3, I’ll be trying to wrap up the Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion in time to get a review out early next week. I love what CD Projekt have done with the expansion so far; the boss fights are spectacular and Gwent is as on point as ever. If I finish that up with some gaming time left to spare I’ll either try out Gone Home, since there’s no excuse not to now, or I might even jump back into Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and raise my very own Orc army.

Jake Ellis 

This weekend I will be taking a break from Overwatch, finally. Not because I’m bored of it but because I have been playing far too much since its release and need to go cold turkey for a few days. In its place I will be finally starting Uncharted… Uncharted 1 remastered that is, as I am yet to ever undergo a Nathan Drake adventure. Shocking I know but better late than never right?


Conor is Pure PlayStation’s resident Irishman. Naturally that means he’s constantly slurring his words and turning up stinking of Guiness with a potato in his pocket. It’s not all bad though, because Conor is also a PlayStation nut. When he’s not doing his best Father Jack impression (Father Ted, watch it) he’s got a DualShock 4 in his hand and a Vita in the other. Yeah, we don’t know how he manages it either.

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