Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 74

Hang up your capes, weekday heroes, for the weekend is here and it’s time to let Batman and his mates take over for the party shifts. Or is it just us that dresses up as heroes during the week? Hey, spandex is damn comfortable, yo, and we’ll stand by that.

In all seriousness, it’s that time of the week again: Pure PlayStation Plays O’Clock! We’ll tell you our weekend gaming plans, and then we invite you to head to the comments section down below and share yours. Feel free to give us tips on what and what not to play, too!

Chris Harding

FIFA 18 is out so naturally I’ll be getting my arse handed to me by little plebs online. Or I could just stick to the single player stuff and spare myself the annoyance… When I’m not leading Accrington Stanley Football Club to glory, I’ll be finishing up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – seriously, I’m struggling to get through this one. What is it with me and PlayStation exclusive games not getting on? First I can’t stand Crash Bandicoot, then it’s Horizon: Zero Dawn getting the cold shoulder, now Uncharted. Some say Microsoft pay me to discredit the house of PlayStation. Others say Nintendo gives me free eShop credit to bash on the adult-themed PS4 exclusive games. In reality… It’s both. Suckers!* 

*Not really. Just in case somebody takes me seriously and decides to start some internet hate on me…

Jason Frye

I will be working on a review and knocking out more of my backlog, while I resist the urge to buy something new that I will inevitably put aside for an amazing new release next month. This weekend’s journey through the quiet countryside of Backloggington reverses time to the PS3 era for South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Hannah Ellis

Despite me not expecting to get much free time this weekend, I will be cramming in as much of Yakuza 0 as I can. Beating drunks to a sober state appears to be my missed calling in life. Plus there is something special about this game.

Kyle Durant

So Destiny 2 is a no-brainer, but surprisingly Fortnite’s new Battle Royale mode is surprisingly fun. It looks to be the first title to take a big chunk out of my Destiny time. However, Splasher is still being played daily and I’ve got a golf phase going on, so Everybody’s Golf has made a comeback.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m playing an S-ton of multiplayer shooters right now, all in the name of book research. I’ll start with some classic maps from COD 4, and Black Ops, before dipping back into the Destiny, Killzone and Battlefield franchises. When I’m done complaining about the otherworldly reflexes and hand-eye coordination of punk kids and mumbling such phrases as, “I must be laggy,” or “my controller isn’t working!”, then I’ll probably start Little Nightmares, which I purchased on sale a couple weeks ago.

Stuart Mclean

Stuart didn’t get his submission in on time this week, so we’re going to assume he’s ankle deep in some weird hentai crap. Tentacles and testicles.


Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.

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