Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 77

Here we are, back at it again with the Pure PlayStation Plays. It’s routine by now: every Friday (sometimes Saturday, we’re not perfect) we, the collective minds behind Pure PlayStation, post our weekend gaming plans right here.

This week is a little special, though, as it’s the weekend before everyone gets dressed up for Halloween. Also, Stranger Things Season 2 is on Netflix! So read on to see what Pure PlayStation’s staffers will be up to this weekend before heading down to the comments to share your weekend gaming plans.

Chris Harding

I’m going to be binge-watching Stranger Things Season 2. I know I’ll just feel sad and empty once the credits roll for the final time, but I just can’t help myself. Once I’ve finished what is sure to be a spectacular series, I’ll probably dip into something spooky. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for PSVR seems like a fitting game to mark this gruesome holiday.

Jason Frye

It is a review weekend. I am looking forward to killing some Nazi scum while I dance, dance, dance. When I need a break, I will be checking out season 2 of Stranger Things and marveling at Winona Ryder’s comeback. How much of the crazy is acting, or will they just put a camera on her and say “Go!”?

Kyle Durant

Assassin’s Creed Origins is so huge that it will take quite a few more days to beat it 100%. Also, I might become masochistic and see how long it takes to walk from one end of the game map to the other.

Hannah Ellis

After I mustered the strength to finish Watch dogs, I will be diving into Watch dogs 2 and its transfixing San Fran backdrop. It looks a beautiful game that forgoes the bad ass-felon attitude of the first, choosing to instead admit it is a geek at heart. I can finally be that tech wizard I’ve always yearned to be. Well, for a few hours at least.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m keeping it simple this weekend. Binging Stranger Things, polishing the Bleaker box set which drops in a freaking week, and grinding away on Shadow of War.

Short and sweet this week. The rest of the team is glued to Netflix – and now it’s time for us to join them!


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