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Railway Empire Picks Up Steam with a January 26th Launch

We know some of you will be playing another game on January 26th. If you are a future titan of industry, you may want to use that ingenuity to become a king of the rails. The transportation sim Railway Empire is pulling out of the station later this week, and it will offer you more than 40 trains to buy and run. This includes a (first person engineer?) perspective that puts you in the train as you ride the rails.

Along with enjoying the ride, there are other areas that need your help. You will supply towns who need your trains to transport goods. As time goes by, you will pick which of over 300 new technologies to research. If competition gets too tough, you may have to get your hands dirty by engaging in a little sabotage with your competition.

Railway Empire is developed by Kalypso Media. They have made the Tropico series, Dungeons, and Sudden Strike, and sim and railroad fans should give the trailer a watch to see if they will be hunting the monsters of railway logistics on January 26th.

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