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Rain World Opens the Floodgates on PS4 Today

It’s not easy being a slugcat. Rain World, the latest title from Adult Swim Games, attempts to show just that by casting players in the role of one of these adorable but vulnerable creatures as it arrives on PS4 today. Check out the tragic cuteness of its opening cinematic above and read on for everything we know about the game.

Rain world is a 2D platformer that takes players on a journey through an unforgiving world where their humble little slugcat character is right at the bottom of the food chain. After being separated from your family, it’s the players job to help the wide-eyed protagonist survive as you journey through a very hostile environment. Not only is your little slugcat the primary ingredient in a balanced diet for most of the creatures in the world, even the titular rain is strong enough to destroy the little creature’s sluggy body.

Twelve regions of over 1600 rooms form the environment of Rain World and players will have to sneak, jump, and climb their way through all while managing food resources and attempting to find shelter before the dreaded rain comes to wash them away. The game makes interesting use of procedurally generated animations for the creatures lending an organic feel to the inhabitants of its pixel-art world. In one of the most interesting gameplay twists, players will have to make use of this behavior by studying the creatures around them – using how they react to both the player and other creatures as you plan your method of advance.

Rain World is available from today (March 28th) in digital only format for PlayStation 4 and PC. We challenge you to watch the game’s intro movie, above, and not get a little choked up at the end. Tell us how unmoved you were and what girly-men we are in the comments below, you heartless monsters.

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