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Raise People Like Crops in Vampyr Developer Stream

Did you miss the developer stream for Vampyr last week? Well, it is ready and waiting with almost an hour of gameplay. It drops some very interesting details and reveals a few strategic mechanics.

The game world is divided into four districts. Each of those districts has its own health gauge. Even though you are now an undead killer who views humans as fast food, keeping the city healthy nets you benefits. If the dead and dying start to pile up in an area, shop prices will go up.

If it keeps deteriorating, you can lose access to the district entirely. This will eliminate any characters and quests in that area from the game. Any of the story elements will also be gone. You can actually lose all the districts and still win the game, but the developers are promising your ending will reflect your bad choices.

Keeping your fellow townsfolk healthy can be more rewarding. Whether you kill or spare lives is up to you, but you can heal people by developing medicines. This makes them and the district healthier. When you eventually kill them, it gives you more experience. It is like picking them at the peak of the season.

Check out the full Twitch stream for a look at the game, and check back with us to see what we think about Vampyr in our upcoming review before the release on June 5th.

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Press Release from Focus Home Interactive, Twitch

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