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Raw Data to Release on PSVR Next Month

The super sick, sci-fi shooter from Survios is finally exiting early access stage and dropping on the PSVR October 10 in North America, and the following the day across the pond. The game launched over a year ago into early access and has been a critical darling ever since. During this time, the game has undergone numerous improvements and seen a ton of additions, garnering a number of “Best of awards and earning over a million dollars in sales the first month of early access.

Playing Raw Data, you’ll be able to choose from one of four elite SyndiK8 operatives, each with their own special ability and unique weapons, such as swords, pistols, shotguns, and bows. According to the Survios press release, this completed version of the game will include Raw Data’s full narrative campaign, complete with new level intros and a climatic final mission, all with an enhanced graphical update. At this time, the campaign’s co-op mode and Hostile Takeover, a PvP game mode, will only launch on the Vive and Rift, although, Survios did offer that these will be added to the PSVR version at a later date.

Keep it here at Pure PlayStation for further news and our review of Raw Data as soon as we can provide it.

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