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Red Dead Redemption 2 Actor Confirms GTA 6

We all knew it was coming, but it’s still worth giving this one a mention: an actor has listed two Rockstar projects on his online C.V. The first is GTA 6, the other is Red Dead Redemption 2. We’re assuming he gave Rockstar a 2-for-1 deal to avoid going back to waiting at the diner.

The actor Tim Neff, has indicated that he’s doing motion capture for the unannounced GTA 6, as well as the delayed Red Dead Redemption 2. Motion capture is typically done towards the end of a game’s production – though that’s not always the case – so it could be an indication that GTA 6 is someway into development. Heck, it might even release before the next generation of consoles, only to then be remastered for the PS5. Lovely.

Don’t be surprised to see the actor’s C.V suddenly disappear at some point, or even just edit out the reference to GTA 6 – a game that Rockstar and its parent company Take 2 have yet to announce.

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