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Redout PSVR Update Is in the Works With Plans to Release Before 2017 Ends

There’s a new racer on the PS4 this week with the release of Redout: Lightspeed Edition. Originally released on PC, the developers behind the WipEout/F-Zero-inspired racer have ported the game to Sony’s console. But that’s not all…

Redout: Lightspeed Edition will also be available on Sony’s PSVR headset, though not just yet. The team behind Redout: Lightspeed Edition, 34BigThings, have confirmed on Twitter that the PSVR update “is coming” and that the studio is working on it right now and it is planned to release before the end of this year.

We’re still working on our review for the game so we can’t really say too much about it, however, we can guess that this kind of racer in VR would be a) awesome and b) a total, utter puke-fest, or at least for this writer.

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