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Remedy Releasing Mysterious “P7” on PS4

Remedy has revealed it is working on a new game with the codename “P7”, and that it will be released on the PS4. In the press release, it mentions wanting “to release the game on a wider range of platforms”, and we are glad to see the Max Payne developer come back to visit Sonytopia after spending some time locked away in Microsoftistan. (We are somewhat¬†neutral when it comes to the console wars, but it is fun to poke the bear.)

In addition to dropping news of a future release, Remedy also announced some financial results. In 2016, it had a revenue increase of 19.4% over the previous fiscal year, and this was attributed mostly to the release of Quantum Break.

Since bringing bullet time to the mainstream, Remedy has released multiple Max Payne games and the only game to make one of our PlayStation zealots pick up an Xbox controller. Their releases are not frequent, but they are normally very polished and unique with an emphasis on story and characters. We cannot wait to see what the new game will be.

Does a new Remedy game excite you? Could it be the long-awaited sequel to Alan Wake? Let us know what you think (or hope) it might be in the comments.

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