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Reminder: July 2018 PS Plus Games Available to Download Now

July is already here? Crikey. Well, that means there’s more sun in the sky and fresh games in the PS Plus pot. If you’re a European PlayStation player then you can go ahead and download your goodies right now. North American’s will have to wait a few hours to join the party, but the games will be available sometime today.

For those who are blissfully unaware, this month’s lineup is actually not that bad if you’re a PS4 player. Heavy Rain and Absolver lead the charge on PS4 this month, while the PS3 and PS Vita games are once again lacking, though that’s no surprise as support for these consoles will be dropped next year. Maybe we’ll finally get a few more PSVR games as part of PS Plus? Or perhaps something to do with PS Now? We will see…

Oh, and if you haven’t already, remember to get Black Ops III downloaded. The game was added as a special addition during E3 week and will be available until July 11th. It’s not bad at all and if you’re able to wrap your head around the game’s sci-fi story, it’s actually a decent campaign.


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