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Rescue Your Daughter From Nightmares in The Evil Within 2

It seems like Sebastian Castellanos should be well past the point of insane after the events of the first game, but, if not, The Evil Within 2 is definitely trying to rectify his pesky sanity problem. In the latest trailer we see his daughter, Lily, and she may be working for the creepy religious figure who may or may not be controlling some of the monsters. Maybe it is time Seb sits Lily down and helps her find a better after school job.

Speaking of monsters, there are the normal zombie types from the first game, and there are some real abominations that could have been taken from David Cronenberg’s worst nightmares. These are twisted figures that barely resemble humanity, so they are perfect for the sequel.

If you need to work up the courage to enter STEM and help Sebastian save his daughter while avoiding monsters, Stefano, and Theodore, you only have until October 13th when the game will slink out of the darkness and onto your PS4.


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