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Resident Evil 5 Will Take Up 16.93GB On PS4

An upgraded version of Resident Evil 5 is launching for the PS4 on June 28th. Resident Evil 6 launched on the console earlier this year and 4 is coming later because Capcom have decide to release them backwards for no apparent reason. We like to think the release pattern is a metaphor for the series going back to its roots, hence they’re releasing them backwards so they can move towards those roots and announce a new reboot of the series after Resident Evil 4 is re-released. However, we also like reading too much into things so none of the above is probably true.

However, what is true is that we found out the file size for the Resident Evil 5 re-release on PS4. The game will apparently take up 16.93GB on the console, but of course you knew that because you read the title. As always that file size could change slightly due to a day one patch or additional files, but we don’t expect it to rise too much. You can check out the file size for yourself in the screenshot down below.

Critics often point to Resident Evil 5 as the moment the series began to go downhill, however we here in the Pure PlayStation all agree that we quite liked it. If you look at the star rating in the screenshot below you’ll see that 315 fans have already given it an average of four out of five stars on PSN, despite the fact that the re-release isn’t out yet, which also suggests that number 5 is a fan favourite. Let us know what you think of Resident Evil 5 and if you’ll be playing the re-release down in the comments.



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