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Resident Evil: Revelations Coming to PS4

After starting its life on a handheld and eventually coming to the PS3, Resident Evil: Revelations is having a makeover to prepare it for its grand unveiling on the PS4 on August 29th. It will have better frame rates and 1080p resolution. As everyone knows, more HD makes for scarier monsters, so they and the environments they stalk will be more detailed.

The game will have a single player campaign, but you can play by yourself or co-op through the game’s Raid Mode. The weapons will pack a more powerful punch, and upgrades will be available.

In addition to the fancier visual improvements and Raid Mode, you will also be receiving all the previous DLC as unlockable content. We are a little iffy on that. A quick googling has revealed the DLC to be weapon enhancements and character skins. If it is unlocked as we play through the game, maybe that is OK, but why is the DLC behind a gate for a remaster/remake? If we want to play in Raid Mode immediately, why should we wait to be Lady Hunk?

Hopefully, that and other facets of life’s mysteries will be revealed in the story between Resident Evil 4 and 5 when Resident Evil: Revelations jump scares us all on August 29th.



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