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Resonance of Fate Rated for PS4, Incoming Port?

If you’ve never heard of Resonance of Fate, shame on you. And on me. I had to do a quick bit of Wikipedia-ing before writing this piece as even I, a hardy PlayStation player, had never heard of the game.

According to Wikipedia (my go-to on all life’s problems) Resonance of Fate is an action RPG that originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2010. The game was published by SEGA, but developed by Tri Ace.

According to the German ratings authority, the USK, the game has been rated for PS4. Why? Because it’s obviously going to be getting a re-release or a remaster, that’ why. Rating boards don’t rate things that don’t exist.

So if you, like I did, missed Resonance of Fate the first time around, you may soon be able to catch up on PS4.

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