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Return to Nature with the Feral Tribe in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Another week brings us another tribe in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The Feral Tribe is more interested in their own version of dangerous animal husbandry and how to use them in battle. The trailer shows them wearing the skins, heads, teeth, and claws of the animals as well, so it is not all work and no play. This sophisticated fashion sense doubles as weapons and armor, so it is functional as well as beautiful.

With larger, scalier, and fire-breathing versions of Lassie protecting them, they are going to be a sweet challenge to subdue. We wouldn’t mind playing fetch with a warg, so we may need to start with this band of nature-loving orc hippies first.

With less than a month to go, we look forward to choosing our first tribe to dominate when Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases on October 10th.



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