Review: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2- PS4

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2 is a strong follow-up to the first episode. It ran the full gamut of emotions and had me chuckling in a few places, while being a little sad in others, with plenty of action to fill the rest of the time. If you wanted more, Episode 2, “Under Pressure”, delivers. Be warned that spoilers from Episode 1 and minor spoilers from Episode 2 will follow.

After Peter’s surprising death at the end of episode 1, he shocks the rest of the Guardians even more by not being dead. This resurrection of our Star-Lord and the galaxy’s savior really puts the awesome power of the Eternity Forge into perspective. Everyone has lost someone who they want to bring back. It also makes Hala’s threats that much more terrifying.

The story moves forward much faster than in the first episode. With a broken ship and strange writing appearing on the Eternity Forge, the Guardians are forced to make the biggest choice in the game, and, unfortunately, it was shown in the latest trailer.

One of the directions will lead to Rocket’s past, and I recommend you try this route. It gives you a new perspective on him as a vulnerable character, instead of someone who is constantly defensive and insulting. It shows the events that really shaped and propelled him to be the angry mammal you see now.

I was impressed to see that care has been taken to ensure everyone has a believable (comic book believable) conflict in this episode. Gamora has family issues, Drax has lost his place in the world with the death of Thanos, Rocket is dealing with his past, and Peter Quill is having visions from his mom that do not quite meet with his memories.

On top of this, they still keep fighting each other. The only character immune from this may be Groot, but he seems to be trying to take care of others, even when they refuse to let him.

The pacing in this episode is excellent. There is a steady stream of action from beginning to end that is punctuated by a few smaller, sometimes tense, quieter moments. The new characters in this episode had something to contribute, instead of being the “Remember me?” characters that could have been casually tossed into the episode to check a box.

Once again, the voice acting is great, and it really makes everyone come alive. There are a few moments where the voices sounded a little less clear, as if someone was too close to the microphone or some other issue.

I realize this is very subjective on my part. It does not take away from the experience, and it was only noticeable in a couple of places.

Overall, this episode is a model for how I want the rest of the game to flow. They gave me the summer blockbuster feel with a few laughs, lots of action, some drama, and a little mystery to keep me waiting for the next release. Episode 2 improves on everything from episode 1, and I heartily recommend it.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Episode 2 PS4 Review
  • 8.4/10
    Overall - Fantastic - 8.4/10


Episode 2 is more of everything that was great from the first episode. There is more action, more jokes, and more insight into the characters. The pacing and story are good, and it left me wanting to dive into the next episode immediately. If you are looking for a lighter story from Telltale, this is a great place to start.

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*Reviewed on Base PS4.


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