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Rez Receiving Physical Release and Soundtrack on Vinyl

With the PS VR releasing in less than two months, more developers are pulling back the curtain on titles that will soon be playable on Sony’s new hotness. Rez has been announced for a while, but it will receive a special edition physical release available exclusively through

You can also order shirts and pins, but, the creme de la creme will be a 2xLP limited edition vinyl release of the game’s soundtrack. It will also include a 7″ record with additional songs from Area X, a 48 page retrospective book with interviews from the original design team, and a digital download of the soundtrack. The vinyl will come in standard and picture disc editions, and you can read more about what is included here.

With both retro video games and vinyl sales increasing their audiences over time, it is no surprise that the two would come together. Even if you do not like the warm, smooth sound of vinyl, they would make great framed pieces of video game art.

Interested in picking up this up when it releases later this year? Do you think vinyl is only for hipsters or your dad? Let us know in the comments.

Rez Album Artwork 2 Rez Book 2 Rez Book Rez

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