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Rocket League Anniversary Update Delivers a New Arena

Holy Moly! July 5th will mark Rocket League’s second anniversary. Hasn’t time (and cars) flown! In celebration Psyonix will be releasing an Anniversary update, which will deliver a new arena as well as signalling the start to Competitive Season 5.

The Rocket League Radio will also be coming on air, bringing with it 18 new tracks by record label Monstercat, alongside two new Import Battle Cars arriving via the new Overdrive Crate. These are the Animus GP and Centio V17.

The studio released the following information about the new arena, Champions Field:

Champions Field celebrates the pure competition found in Rocket League, complete with a massive statue featuring our shield logo, triple-decker seating (a must in any modern sports entertainment complex), and enough stadium lighting to make your match visible from outer space!

This new, FREE, standard arena will be found in all Competitive and Online Playlists, and will be available in Private Matches as well.

The update will also include new trophies, achievements and customisation options (including engine audio and goal explosions).


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