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Rocket League’s Age Rating Has Been Lowered In Version 1.16 And More

It’s been a while since we wrote about Rocket League version 1.15 and its Batman V. Superman content, but we’re back to tell you about version 1.16. We know, we know it’s all terribly exciting. The most interesting information to come out of version 1.16 update is the fact that it lowers the ESRB age rating of the game to ‘E’, we’ve been thinking long and hard about the last game that had its age rating changed after it released and we’ve come up with nothing. If you can think of something let us know in the comments.

Other than an age rating change there’s various unspecified bug fixes as well as some changes to the vehicle hitboxes and ball physics behaviour. We’ve included a PS4 screenshot down below so you can check out the update’s content for yourself. What do you think of the update? Is Rocket League still grabbing your attention or has the gameplay grown stale? Let us know all that down in the comments too.



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