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Rocksteady Teases People Will Lose Their Minds

Since Batman: Arkham VR, Rocksteady Studios has been tight lipped. But that looks set to change soon as the studio has teased fans on Twitter about their upcoming project.

Though it lacks any exact details on what they are working on, Gaz wants you to know that when they can talk you’re going to lose your mind. But until then you must be patient.

This news comes after it was suggested these Warner Bros. viewed the Batman series as dead, though we are unsure whether that applies solely to the Arkham series, the protagonist as a whole, or is just a load of gobbledygook. Because, come on, who’s going to tell Batman he’s finished?

We for one hope there is at least one more Arkham left, but do you agree? And what would you like to see the studio announce? Comment below.


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