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Rumour: Black Ops 4 is the Next Call of Duty, Will Come to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Get those salt shakers at the ready because it’s time to start the annual Call of Duty rumour mill. Before we go any further, everything from here on in is not confirmed and should only be taken as a rumour. Right, shall we get on with it?

According to Twitter user Marcus Sellars, the next Call of Duty game will come via Treyarch. This much is already obvious. However, the claim goes that the next game will continue the Black Ops story line with Black Ops 4 and that it will be in a modern-day setting with a more boots-on-the-ground feel that previous entries in the Black Ops storyline.

For those of you wanting to take the next Call of Duty on the go, you’ll most likely be missing out when it comes to the PS Vita. Obviously… But if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner (most of us here at Pure PlayStation are!) then the rumour goes that you’ll be able to play Black Ops 4 on the go with your Switch. Again, these are just rumours. That being said, the guy making the claims does have a history of being right when it comes to Nintendo-related news, but it’s still a good idea to keep expectations in check.

Activision will no doubt start the annual hype train soon enough – traditionally around April/May time – so we’ll know whether these rumours are true or if Mr Sellars is talking out of his behind.

What do you think? Is Black Ops 4 what you want from Treyarch? Would you consider buying a Switch to take your shooty-bang-bang fun on the go? Take aim in the comments section and let us know. 


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