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Rumour: Sony to Reimburse The Crew 2 Pre-Orders Due to Delay

Rumours are circulating that suggest Sony is intending to refund all The Crew 2 pre-orders owing to the game’s delay. The open-world racer looks set to launch sometime after April, at least a month later than when originally intended.

So instead of launching in March, The Crew 2 has been put off until the first six months of the next financial year. Due to this inconvenience, and lack of any re-release date, it appears Sony feels they must jump in and offer the refund to all who had pulled the trigger in advance and purchased the pre-order.

This news follows last month’s announcement that a number of Ubisoft’s upcoming games were facing a delay. It looks now as though that is most certainly true and is beginning to rear its annoying head. Darn you delays! We can only hope they result in an even more polished and proper release.

We must credit Sony with some kudos for coming to the rescue, though we can only question whether the refund hints at an indefinite wait; if Ubisoft had an inkling of when The Crew 2 was going to launch, and that wasn’t too far in the future, surely they wouldn’t be offering the money back universally? Wouldn’t an optional refund suffice in that situation? Who knows, we certainly don’t. All we know is delays are becoming all the more commonplace.

Just in case you forgot, The Crew 2 differs from its previous installment by offering a wider variety of rides. No longer are you confined to terra firma. Instead you will also duel in the skies and on the seas as aircraft and boats make an appearance.

Have you pre-ordered The Crew 2? Are you disappointed with the news? When you do eventually boot up the game, what ride are you most looking forward to driving/steering/piloting? 


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