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Run Dorothy Run Coming to PSVR Next Week

Run Dorothy Run was originally announced last year with a December release date before being hit with a last-minute delay. Since the announcement of the game’s delay there has been no word on a release date, until today that is.

The developer behind the game, Virtro Entertainment, has revealed that Run Dorothy Run will finally release next week for PSVR.

For those who are unaware, Run Dorothy Run is an endless runner/rhythm game. In the game you take on the role of Dorothy as she runs through Oz collecting orbs. If Sprint Vector has tired you out, don’t worry, you won’t need to move your legs at all as Dorothy’s magic slippers will take care of the legwork while you use your PS Move controllers to collect orbs. It looks pretty basic but we’re suckers for endless runners and rhythm games. Just look at all the crap installed on our smartphones… We’re addicts. Help us.

Keep an eye out on Pure PlayStation for our review of Run Dorothy Run sometime next week.

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