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Run Your Own City Into the Ground in Cities: Skyline

After a long time on the PC, Cities: Skylines is coming to the PS4, and it will give every potential politician and budding city planner their chance to make the best possible place for citizens to call home. You can also build a city where everyone’s dreams go to die.

Maybe, you live in one of those cities now, and this game is the perfect way to punish your neighbors, making you a dark angel of despair by building areas designed to frustrate and confuse your population. (Woah, you are pretty twisted.) Whether you decide to go lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows or traffic jams and non-functioning sewers, you will be able to put your spin on the modern metropolis.

You will be able to manage the city’s electrical grid and other needs from your controller, so you will not have to fumble with a keyboard to play a strategy city builder.

There is no word on a release date or price yet, but the game will include the After Dark expansion to inject a little nightlife into your promising burg. This is a great development for strategy fans, and we look forward to seeing how much it will cost to run a city of our own.


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