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Rush VR Brings Wingsuit Flight to PSVR This Winter

After a successful release on PC VR headsets, The Binary Mill’s Rush VR is headed to Sony’s PlayStation VR headset later this year.

The announcement comes in the form of a trailer released on the PlayStation channel today. It’s an action-packed couple of minutes and it genuinely has me excited. It’s basically Superman in VR, but instead of flying you’re kind of gliding. Either way, it looks damn good and I recommend every PSVR head have a gander at the trailer.

There’s no set in stone release date as of yet, but the trailer notes that the game will be releasing Fall/Winter of this year. So anytime between now and Christmas is my bet.


• Stunning environments: Soar down four exhilarating mountains featuring real-time weather and time of day

• Challenging races: Over 80 unique mountain paths to master, from basic downhill trails to expert-level suicide runs through the narrowest of spaces.

• Multiple game modes: Race to the finish, Time Attack, and Score Challenge, each requiring a different set of skills and strategies to succeed.

• Epic multiplayer jumps: Challenge up to 11 of your friends online or quick race against random jumpers.

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