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Season Pass DLC No Compromise Ready to Download for Watch Dogs 2

After Hannah told you about yesterday’s patch adding in races and new modes for free, the new No Compromise DLC is now available for season pass holders. The update starts with a new DedSec operation pitting the team against a porno director who uses illegal Russian immigrants as actors and is in bed with the Russian mob. He also decided to parody DedSec with DedSexxx, so that will get Marcus’ attention.

The update packs a new time trial racing mode with different vehicles. The mode will have its own leaderboard, so you can compete with your friends over six tracks.

The usual new vehicles, outfits, and weapons are here, but the outfits and cars are more than cosmetic. Depending on which fancy duds you wear or what ride you take for that night’s activities, you can gain extra skills and impact the NPCs in a new way. If you dress like a cop, you can make people freeze. If you dress like a paramedic, you can revive someone.

With all the new free and pay DLC, there are plenty of new things to hack, people to punish, and cars to race as you jump back into Watch Dogs 2 and spend some quality time with your old crew.

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Ubisoft Press Release

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