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SEGA Registers Shenmue HD Domain Name. Could a PS4 Release Be around the Corner?

Oh, SEGA, you bloody tease. The publisher has only gone and snapped up the domain name for Shenmue HD, hasn’t it. If you’re not aware what a domain name is, it’s basically the name of a given website. So, for example, ours is Simples. Anyway, back to business.

SEGA has previously expressed an interest in getting the original Shenmue and its sequel up and running on modern consoles by way of a HD port, though nothing has ever been announced. With Shenmue III steering nicely down Development Avenue, soon to take a turn off into Gamer’s Alley, we reckon that SEGA may want to try to drum up a bit of extra interest in Shenmue 3 before it eventually releases.

Then again, this could just be SEGA taking precautions against cyber-squatters looking to make a quick buck out of the legendary franchise’s name. We sincerely hope it’s the former…

Would you be tempted by a double helping of HD Shenmue goodness? Let us know.

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