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SEGA Would “Love” To Bring Shenmue I & II to PS4, Investigating the Possibilities

Ever since Shenmue III was announced during Sony’s E3 presser last year, fans have been begging Sony and SEGA to get the first two games up and running on the PS4 in the form of a remastered port.

It makes sense, really, as we reckon a large majority of PS4 players probably haven’t played the original games that released on the Dreamcast and Xbox all those years ago. With Shenmue III preparing to launch on the PS4, it’d make sense to have the complete set, wouldn’t it?

SEGA seems to think so too as SEGA community manager Dan Sheridan has stated that SEGA is interested in the possibility of bringing the old games back to the limelight and is looking into the possibility. That being said, it’s not likely to happen overnight but it’s definitely possible. However, there’s the massive hurdle of the many licenses that would need to figured out; the original Shenmue games used a ton of popular franchises in its game worlds, so they’d need to be renewed or replaced.

Would you want to play Shenmue I and Shenmue II on PS4 before playing the third chapter? Give us a shout down below.

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