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September’s PS Plus Games Have Been Leaked… By Sony on Facebook

Sony has accidentally revealed two of September’s PS Plus games via an advert on Facebook, or at least that’s how it seems.

An eagle-eyed user on HotUKDeals noticed the sponsored advert on Facebook and grabbed a screenshot. The advert show inFamous Second Son and Child of Light as two of the PS Plus games that are supposedly going to be made available to subscribers next month.

Normally we question the validity of any and all rumours, but in this case we’re gonna say it’s most likely accurate: C’mon, it was a sponsored post paid for by Sony, how much more evidence do you want, damn it?!

inFamous Second Son is a decent open-world game to get stuck into, and probably one of the bigger games to see a PS Plus release. Its spin-off, First Light, was previously given out as part of PS Plus.

Child of Light… Well, this author can’t comment on that one as he hasn’t played it. It might be good? It might be crap? Why not Ask Jeeves? People still use Jeeves, yeah?

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