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Settle Your Accounts with the Bookkeeper, Hitman’s Latest Elusive Target

The 22nd Elusive Target for Hitman is Pertti Jarnefelt, The Bookkeeper. He helps criminals plan for their kids college, make a good return in their 401k, and hide all the blood money from their ill-gotten gains.

His skills are in high demand, but it also makes him an excellent target for assassination. Set in Colorado, you will eliminate him and pick up his ledger. He is extremely cautious. If he has even the slightest whiff of danger, he will be gone, and your only chance to complete this job will disappear.

Along with a new elusive target, Square Enix has also dropped an infographic with details from the first year of the game, and you have been a bunch of busy killer bees. With tidbits like the dialogue has more words than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (books, not the extended versions of the movies that show exciting plot points like the hobbits working on their taxes or picking from a wine list in that trendy new restaurant in the Shire) and revealing that 70 people died in a single puddle, there are more than a few surprises awaiting the diehard Hitman fan. For us, we like the idea of killing people with the deadly rubber duck.

Let us know your favorite way to assassinate people in games in the comments.


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Square Enix Press Release

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