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Severed Dev Promises a Sequel if 200K Units Sold on PS Vita

Severed is – surprisingly – a PS Vita exclusive platformer that’s been getting quite a bit of attention recently, probably because it’s so darn good. DrinkBox, the studio behind the game recently sat in on the latest PS Nation podcast and chatted about all sorts of things.

One of those things was Severed and its potential sequel. The guys at DrinkBox revealed that they’re working on some things and that they had a prototype knocked up before moving onto Severed, but what really catches the ear is the promise of a sequel. OK, it’s probably not meant to be taken seriously, but when asked if the studio would be making anything else for the Vita Chris McQuinn and Graham Smith of DrinkBox joked that “if Severed sells 200k copies – like, actual copies – we’ll make a sequel within a year.”

Well, they’ve said it so it’s up to us to make it happen. In all seriousness, it’s unlikely that the game will sell that many copies, but if it does… Well, DrinkBox had better come up good, because once you say something on the internet, nobody forgets.


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