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Shadow of the Beast Hunts Its Prey This May 17th on PS4

Remember when Shadow of the Beast was announced for PS4? No? Neither can we to be honest as it’s been such a long time, but the game does still exist and it’s coming very, very soon.

Writing on the official PlayStation Blog, Matt Birch of Heavy Spectrum states that the game has now reached a critical point in development and that the team is now able to confirm that Shadow of the Beast will release on May 17th in North America, the UK and Europe. The developer also mentions that the team has had more time to refine the game’s combat mechanics and that it’s now targeting 60fps for smooth gameplay. There’s also a brand new screenshot from the game (look up) that shows something that the developers haven’t been too forthcoming about: the gun.

There’s no more info at this time, but we reckon we’ll see a trailer or two within the next few weeks. Hey, maybe this re-imagining of an old-school classic will adhere to old-school principles and release a demo? Nah, who are we kidding…


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